The St.George Children with Disabilities Fund

Jarvis Constructions is a long term supporter of the St.George Children with Disabilities Fund, which endeavours to enhance the lives of children with severe physical and multiple disabilities.

The Fund assists with the special needs of individual children within the local community, as well as assisting  those children at St. George School, Kogarah.
St George School is a special school for students with severe and multiple disabilities.  The school delivers individual programs to students based on each student’s unique learning needs and the priorities for learning that have been identified by their families.  There is a strong focus on developing communication strategies as most of the students are non verbal or have very limited verbal skills. The school also focuses on physical management and will include in the students’ individual learning program any recommendations from therapists such a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist.  The school relies on support from the community to purchase equipment that will enhance the physical skills of the students. Some of the equipment that is purchased includes standing frames, walkers, modified tables and chairs, modified bikes.  The school has relied on technology to support student learning. Support from the local community has assisted the school in purchasing specific technology that has enhanced opportunities for the students to learn and be included in classroom activities and out in the community.