More BER projects awarded

August 2010

Jarvis Constructions has recently been awarded another four (4) BER projects for the city based State Primary Schools of Darlington Public School, Forest Lodge Public School, Glenmore Rd. Public School , Paddington and Sydney Distance Education School, Surry Hills.. The projects incorporate a variety of building and constructions works, including new library, new classrooms, new school halls, along with various refurbishments of School Halls and Canteens, construction of covered Outdoor Learning Structures (OLS) and associated external works.
This will see Jarvis Constructions now completing some ten (10) BER projects for Sydney State Primary Schools awarded by Abigroup and the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) over the past 12 months, and is a strong endorsement for the company's ability to deliver quality outcomes to the Education sector.
Work is due to commence on these four (4) projects in August 2010 with all projects scheduled for completion by August 2011.

Darlington Public School

Glenmore Rd Public School, Paddington

Sydney Distance Education School, Surry Hills

Forest Lodge Public School